Thursday, 31 March 2011

Couple Poses

For my, almost upon us, wedding, there is NO WAY I'm having awkward shots with my husband where he's putting his hand on my shoulder etc. This is one of my Nikaah photos:

it's one of the few I love because it was taken in the moment of a laugh we shared. Before this I had only conversed with him maybe 3 times, and when I say conversed, that's being generous, I'm socially inept.

I DID have the poses with the hand on chin and hand on shoulder shots taken, and I abhor them.

So here are a few shots I've found of couples from various photog sites that I think are much better alternatives. I will link the sites later, I didn't record where they were from so just bear with me.

If you've got any shots you adore, then just leave a link in the comments and I will include them in another post.

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