Friday, 25 February 2011

NJ Unique Henna Art

My amazing friend Ayeshia told me about this Toronto based henna artist, NJ Henna, I like almost all their bridal designs. On my Nikaah I had henna bridal henna done on my arms (got asked about feet and thought it was too much ha!) and although I thought it was okay, I think these are much more beautiful. They are beautifully intricate designs and hope I'll be able to find someone as good over in Islamabad when I go for my Rukhsati.


  1. masha'Allah I love these.. insha'Allah I will be having both feet and arms/hands done for my walimah in Karachi in a months time :D very excited!!

  2. Henna application on hands and feet is an important aspect of East Asian weddings. Theere are many beautiful designs of henna that are applied on hands and feet.