Friday, 24 December 2010

East Inspirationz

"East Inspirationz was incorporated in 2003 an have been designing  wedding and mehndi stages for couples all over the country since then."

I'm very picky when it comes to staging and luminous fairy lights are far from my ideal. So you can see why I love the stages made by Eastern Inspirationz. They are inviting, well put together and have a feeling of authenticity to them and give a sense of intimacy and individuality.

Our Labor of Love

"We sincerely hope you're looking at our website because you're interested in unique photographs that capture real beauty rather than manufactured robo-photos that pasteurize originality."

Our Labor of Love, is a site I came across when I was googling images of asian weddings, for inspiration for my own. What I love about their work is that all their photosets are unique and individual and not just the run of the mill, "stand in a row now guys" "kiss now guys" kind of shots, but images that actually seem to emit emotion and capture moments.